Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP out now, read first reactions

Daniel Rossen 

Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP out now, read first reactions

Daniel Rossen's 5 track EP Silent Hour/Golden Mile is now available worldwide. Listen to two tracks from the EP here now.

Daniel Rossen is the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist of Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles.

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"Rossen shares (Elliott) Smith’s craftsmanship, airy diffidence and sense of saturated romance… in his measure, control and calm intelligence, you can understand why Paul Simon sees a kindred spirit"
Uncut (UK)

“...majestic song cycle full of fingerpicked notes that babble like tributaries, echoing piano chords that cut through silence like rocks rippling the surface of a pond, and in a few cases, explosive mountains of sound that jut up out of nowhere”
Pitchfork, 8.0 (US)

“With his bright tenor voice and a chiming 12-string guitar at the center of some of his arrangements, "Silent Hour/Golden Mile" can seem buoyant and full of cheer. But in his lyrics Mr. Rossen exposes his tenuous state of mind.”
Wall Street Journal (US)

"A fiercely ambitious effort... Rossen is a master craftsman - and one of the best songwriters in modern rock - and with 'Silent Hour/Golden Mile' he's set the bar tantalisingly high for Grizzly Bear's return"
NME 8/10 (UK)

“Like the pearl in the middle of the great clunking oyster... Full of gently soaring crescendos and Rossen’s warm layered vocal, his new EP takes all the descreen beauty of the singers day job but sets it in catharic, intimate candlelight”
The Fly (UK)

“gorgeously crafted songs”

"Le jeu de guitare de Daniel, son agilité et sa tendresse criantes, nous rappelle celui de l'une des idoles du songwriter, Elliott Smith."
6/5 Magic (France)

"Mit der EP "Silent Song / Golden Mile" macht sich Rossen erstmals selbständig. Auch dies hier is Folk not Folk von zeitloser, weil nicht eindeutig kategorisierbar, Qualität. Musik, leicht psychedelisch aufgeladen, auf watteweiche Wölkchen gebettet und von dreampoppiger Qualität"
Musikexpress (Germany)

Daniel Rossen - Silent Hour / Golden Mile
WAP332 - CD, Vinyl & Download - released March 19/20

1 - Up On High
2 - Silent Song
3 - Return To Form
4 - Saint Nothing (listen above)
5 - Golden Mile

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Nicolas Vernhes mixed Silent Hour/ Golden Mile at New York's Rare Book Room. The song Golden Mile was engineered at Miner Street in Philadelphia.