SonarSound Tokyo to go ahead, in support of people affected by the earthquake

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SonarSound Tokyo to go ahead, in support of people affected by the earthquake


Full statement in English below - read Japanese here.

Further to the statement posted on our website last Friday we are very pleased to announce that Beatnik Inc and the organizers of Sónar together with the artists and sponsors participating in SonarSound Tokyo 2011 have taken the decision to proceed with the event as planned at AgeHa / Studio Coast on Sat April 2nd and Sun April 3rd. We continue to monitor health and safety issues and will make an announcement immediately in the event that circumstances should change however are now confident to confirm that the event will be taking place.

We have elected to use the event in support of the victims of the recent catastrophe and are clarifying ways that this can be achieved. So far we have determined that profits from the event will be donated; that the Sonar organizers will be making a donation from ticket sales from both Sonar Barcelona and Sonar Galicia; that we will also be collecting donations from artists, venue, suppliers and guests; that there will be donation and information booths at the event; and that various goods that are being donated will be sold with all income passed on. We hope to build on this further to the extent of the time available to do so.

In the words of Enric Palau, codirector of Sónar: Sónar's relationship with Japan, its culture and artists has been very fruitful since the very beginning of the festival. Over its 18-year history, Sónar has featured more than 80 Japanese artists, and since 2002 our relationship with the country has been even closer as a result of SonarSound Tokyo. But perhaps the most important thing in this relationship between Sónar and Japan is the strong links of friendship that we have established with many artists. That is why we are deeply concerned about the tragedy that the country is experiencing and we would like to express our sincere good wishes and solidarity with the Japanese artistic community and to all the country's citizens who have been affected by the tragedy, and we would also like to express our admiration and respect for the Japanese people's strength of character and courage in the face of this terrible situation.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and support and once again wish to pass on our deepest sympathy to all of those who have suffered or been effected by these tragic events.