Explore 'Green Language' with Interactive Game and Stream


Explore 'Green Language' with Interactive Game and Stream

To celebrate the release of Rustie’s second album ‘Green Language’, Warp have created an interactive generated world exploring game in collaboration with Hunter Loftis.

Players are dropped into the world of Green Language with opening track ‘Workship’. The player can navigate the game, and on reaching each golden monument landmark will unlock a new level and reveal a new track. Jump up from the island of jungle ruins to the track ‘Up Down ft. D Double E’, go round in circles in the maze to the soundtrack of ‘Lost ft. Redinho’, then fly through the air with ‘Raptor’ to ultimately reach the pyramid. Players successful in discovering the songs and completing the world are rewarded with a full stream of ‘Green Language’ before it’s release 25/26 August.

Explore the World of Rustie's 'Green Language' at http://greenlanguage.rustie.net.

From Hunter Loftis (the developer):

“Beginning this project, I sat down with my girlfriend and listened to Green Language on loop, and we just closed our eyes and talked about the imagery evoked by each track. The album blends natural sounds with classic video-game electronica, so I wanted to build something that similarly combined digital effects with a sense of untamed nature. I drew especially strong inspiration from Adventure Time's palette and Minecraft's 8-bit rendering style. The game's dreamlike lighting system was designed to complement the surreal quality of Rustie's music.

Technically, Green Dreams was a massive challenge. Initially, I wasn't sure it would even be possible, and the three-week development window made it exceptionally ambitious. I implemented it as a per-pixel voxel raycaster - basically, it follows light rays until they hit blocks in the world. WebGL was out of the question because it needed to run on current-generation iPhones. The game packages no images; everything is procedurally generated - so everything you see is just math turned into art. Since it's implemented in open web technologies (JavaScript and HTML5 APIs), which are slow, I shaved every ounce of fat off of the rendering loop. The first version ran at under one frame each second. Now sixty times faster, Green Dreams computes just over four million rays of light each second on a normal laptop.…

Site developed and graphics designed and developed by Hunter Loftis using custom javascript. Visit hunter at http://www.playfuljs.com/

Rustie's 'Green Language' is now available to preorder on,


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