Streamed Interview at RadioValve


Streamed Interview at RadioValve

You can listen to a streamed interview with Ed and Andy for

Check it out here.

Plaid have been out on the road in the US and Europe this year. All reports have been extremely positive! One of the highlights of the Warp Magic Bus tour was Plaid's set at Berlin's Volksbuhne theatre where they used a surround sound system and 8 meter projections.

Plaid's visual show is produced, edited and executed by Bob Jaroc.

Use this link to go and listen to Plaid's excellent new 'P-BRANE' EP in Warpmart now. The release features the Eyen video as an extra feature.

Use this link to check out Plaid's new 'Quickemit' track and 'ITSU' video on Magic Bus Tracks [WARP100].