Listen to the re-worked version of 'Surph' featuring Nightwave


Listen to the re-worked version of 'Surph' featuring Nightwave

Rustie follows up his success in winning his first award for the hugely praised debut album 'Glass Swords' by releasing a new single - a re-worked version of album stand-out track 'Surph' now vocalled by rising star Nightwave.

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'Surph' is an amalgamation of Rustie's love for Japanese prog, pop, happy hardcore and Detroit techno. A build up of bleeps and whizzes crashes into Nightwave's clarion catchy chorus - it's a rush of exhilarating futuristic pop.

Glass Swords, which was released in October could be found in the Top 10 Album polls of The Guardian, Mixmag, DJ, Wire and The Telegraph.

"A true 21st century classic" - MIXMAG
"A new benchmark for electronic music... A modern masterpiece." - Dazed and Confused
"An undeniable and up-to-the-minute rush " - 8.0, Pitchfork
"You'll feel like you've fallen in to your Nintendo and landed at the biggest party of the century on the sun. Thrilling"- The Telegraph
"Because more than anything, Glass Swords is the sound of uninhibited, unironic hands-in-the-air joy: banger after banger after banger." - The Guardian

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