The first album in 13 years, 'Syro' is out now

Aphex Twin 

The first album in 13 years, 'Syro' is out now

"Sixty-five minutes of highly melodic, superbly arranged, precisely mixed, texturally varied electronic music" - Aphex Twin's 'Syro' given Best New Music by Pitchfork

3x LP, CD, digital and limited edition (200 copies) available now


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"James' talents haven't dulled in the least"
Rolling Stone

"The music world at large has spent the past 13 years trying to translate Aphex Twin's unscalable discography into a language it can speak, so now the teacher has simply returned to give us all a whole new lesson in vocabulary"
Pitchfork, 8.7

"'minipops,' as it's destined to be known, is signature AFX. The synths bounce erratically, yet some how make perfect sense. The warped vocal sighs are disorienting, yet blissful. There's nothing poppy about it, yet it somehow sticks in your head."
NPR Music

"Nobody else sounds quite like Aphex Twin, and here’s a strong reminder why."

"that hauntingly altered voice, those glimmering pianos, and an off-balance sense of forward motion"

"Pretty Much Flawless"
Drowned In Sound, 10/10

"Teeming with invention and craft"
The Times, 4*

Album of the week
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Syro is available to stream in full at,

Spotify / Deezer

"some of the most inviting music we’ve ever heard from this enigmatic and occasionally inscrutable producer" ... "flows and burbles through an elegantly paced five minutes, it serves as a refresher of just how many electronic artists have picked up cues from James in the years he’s been silent"
New York Magazine

"Laced with dizzying, robotic-like vocal manipulations, ominous synths, and scattershot percussion, the track finds Aphex Twin triumphantly returning to form"
Consequence of Sound

"The beauty of syro is that every second is impeccable"
The 405, 9/10

"Richard D. James develops an amalgam of fluid sonic ideas at once bizarre and perfectly fitting. You know, like he does so well"

"splintering, gargling textures, the kind of chord progressions usually reserved for under-attended avant garde chamber music festivals, and masterful, unheard-of beats"

"Impressively timeless"
The Independent, 4*

Uncut, 9/10

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