Watch La Blogotheque 'Take Away Show', Australian tour dates plus $5 album deal


Watch La Blogotheque 'Take Away Show', Australian tour dates plus $5 album deal

You can watch !!! perform a Take Away show for French website La Blogotheque below, plus read details of their Australian tour and Amazon $5 album offer (US only, expires this weekend).

We have included most of their latest newsletter written by Nic Offer below, subscribe to future mails at the bottom.

"People of Australia, Aussies, Ozmonds or whatever they call you. It's been too long & we have missed you but we're rectifying the situation by, like, next week or something. There's actually a picture hanging on Gorman's refrigerator from the last time we were there, and every time I see it I lose myself in the daydream of our return. Have you been daydreaming about us? Well, start.

We just finished up touring the rest of the world & I heard on numerous occasions that we've never played better. I know, it seems pretty unbelievable, considering how hard we've rocked you in the past. But whatever, we've been having more of a blast than we have in years. At the top of the newsletter is a picture from our gig in Liverpool where we dressed up as Frankie Goes To Hollywood for Halloween & played "Relax." (FGTH are from Liverpool.) A quick YouTube search will bring up even more of the kinda shit you've been missing. For example, check out the clip from our Takeaway Show in Paris.

Okay I'm going to I wrap this up. I've got a busy schedule & can't just sit around writing to you all day. We're in California now practicing some new surprises for the tour and dreaming of new ways to rock you inside & out. Remember this shit ain't easy. It takes a lot of imagination. And actually right now, I'm running out of imagination for new ways to write you an interesting newsletter. I hope you have stayed sweet and stayed fly like we told you too.

Don't let us down and we won't let you down Australia (& New Zealand & Singapore)!
Can't wait to see you.
xxx, Nic "

Amazon album deal

In the USA (& maybe some other places) Strange Weather Isn't It is only $5 on Amazon right now

Get it here:

Take Away Show - 'Blogotheque' video

"As I was saying, some of the shows from 2010 were my favorites ever. Check this clip for one from a show in Paris where they film you playing on the street. Maybe you'd think we're not the band most suited to sitting at a French cafe, quietly strumming our songs & maybe I'd agree. But the part of us playing "Hollow" as we walk down the street is pretty badass."

Touring Australia & the festival season to come

Here are the dates. Some of the Laneway dates are already sold out. So buy your tickets now.

29 Singapore, Singapore @ St Jerome's Laneway Festival / Fort Canning Park Tickets
31 Aukland, New Zealand @ St Jerome's Laneway Festival / Aotea Square Tickets

04 Brisbane, Australia @ St Jerome's Laneway Festival / Alexandria St off St Paul's Terrace Tickets
05 Melbourne, Australia @ St Jerome's Laneway Festival / Footscray Community Arts Centre SOLD OUT
06 Sydney, Australia @ St Jerome's Laneway Festival / Sydney College of the Arts SOLD OUT
09 Sydney, Australia @ Metro Theatre Tickets
10 Melbourne, Australia @ Prince Ballroom Tickets
11 Adelaide, Australia @ St Jerome's Laneway Festival / Fowler's Live, North Terrace Tickets
12 Perth, Australia @ St Jerome's Laneway Festival / Cultural Centre, Northbridge Tickets

26 Miami, Florida @ Ultra Music Festival 2011 / Bicentennial Park (downtown Miami) Tickets

15 Indio, California @ Coachella / Empire Polo Field Tickets

07 Murcia, Spain @ Festival 4.8 2011 / Avenue First of May, Esq Avenue Of the Intendant Jorge Palaces Tickets

Festival season...

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