To Curate ATP UK 2003


To Curate ATP UK 2003

If you’re not already sitting, hunker down now because this is a particularly exciting piece of news.

All Tomorrow’s Parties UK 2003 will be curated by Autechre.

The UK event next spring will replace the proposed ATP Japan, which no longer appears to be a go.

ATP UK 2003 will take place on 28-30 March and 4-6 April at the Camber Sands Holiday Centre. Tickets are £110 per person, and go in blocks of 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Ticketholders will enjoy entrance to the festival (read: massive amounts of fantastic music) and three nights accommodation in private chalets.

Leap into the future of ticket purchasing by visiting The ATP UK website.

Old timey types can ring any of the following to get tickets:

The ATP line on +44 (0)115 912 9000
The Piccadilly Box Office on 0161-832-1111
Stargreen on 0207-734-8932