Ufabulum Phosphorescent Deluxe Vinyl repressing at Bleep


Ufabulum Phosphorescent Deluxe Vinyl repressing at Bleep

In order to meet overwhelming demand, we are immediately repressing the Phosphorescent Deluxe Vinyl edition of Squarepusher's Ufabulum (with additional 3-track CD ‘Enstrobia EP’).

If you can't find one in your local independent store right now, preorder from Bleep below and get the album digitally straight away.

Preorder Ufabulum Phosphorescent Deluxe Vinyl edition

(Stock will ship around 18th June. Instant digital on ordering.)

Ufabulum (Special edition vinyl) with Enstrobia EP CD
Special edition vinyl set. Rigid box, lid wrapped and lined in black, screen printed in phosphorescent and regular ink, so that when the lights go out, the Squarepusher logo is revealed. Contains 2 x LP in individual sleeves, 12 page 300x300mm booklet, download code card and the 3 track Enstrobia EP on CD.


01 (A1) - 4001
02 (A2) - Unreal Square
03 (B1) - Stadium Ice
04 (B2) - Energy Wizard
05 (B3) - Red In Blue
06 (C1) - The Metallurgist
07 (C2) - Drax 2
08 (D1) - Dark Steering
09 (D2) - 303 Scopem Hard
10 (D3) - Ecstatic Shock

Enstrobia EP
01 - Angel Integer
02 - Panic Massive
03 - 40.96a