Revisit WARP19 'Virtual State' 20 years on

Richard H. Kirk 

Revisit WARP19 'Virtual State' 20 years on

Richard H. Kirk's first solo album for Warp was released 31st January 1994. Listen again to music from the member of Cabaret Voltaire (catalogue reissues out last year via Mute) and explore more catalogue including his releases as Sweet Exorcist alongside DJ Parrot.

Richard H. Kirk - 'Virtual State' (WARP19) released 31st January 1994

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Sheffield has become known for it's rich tradition of electronic music, the development of which was synonymous with Cabaret Voltaire's establishment in 1973. Throughout the 70s and 80s the band rode a wave of development in music and technology and by 1989, having also been involved in the establishment of FON Studios, a new rave culture had been established.
It was within this that Warp was founded, in the FON Record Store and Studios where many of the earliest releases were recorded. After Cabaret Voltaire came to it's end, Richard H. Kirk moved on to release music for Warp alongside LFO, Nightmares on Wax and Tricky Disco. His debut for the label as Sweet Exorcist, was also the first full length album on Warp.

WARP1 'Clonks Coming' - Sweet Exorcist

"an experimental music veteran with 20 years behind him (...) leading a fresh charge into the 90s, setting up the framework for Autechre, Aphex Twin and the whole intelligent dance music (IDM) scene" - The Guardian

Richard H. Kirk appears on,

WAP3 'Testone' - Sweet Exorcist

WAP9 - 'Clonk' - Sweet Exorcist

WARP2 'Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove'

WARP23 'Artificial Intelligence II'

WARP32 'The Number of Magic' - Richard H. Kirk

'RetroActivity' - Sweet Exorcist

For more information on the Cabaret Voltaire releases head to the Mute Records website.