Warp sign Battles


Warp sign Battles

We are excited to announce our newest signing - New York four piece Battles...

Comprising of Ian Williams (Don Caballero), John Stanier (Helmet, Tomahawk), Dave Konopka (Lynx) and Tyondai Braxton (Prefuse 73 collaborator and notorious avant-jazz solo musician) Battles have created a genre of their own across just three limited EPs...

"In Don Caballero, Ian Williams examined King Crimson through a gargantuan math rock microscope. In Helmet, John Stanier crafted a soaring post-grunge power surge. In Battles, along with Dave Konopka and electronic maverick Tyondai Braxton, sporadic concrete interludes are sandwiched by glorious slabs of polyrhythmic insistence. A brief moment might suggest Bitch Magnet tackling Beefheart, and then the music belches gratuitously before flying off again in impossible combinations."

Live, Battles are the most enthralling act we have come across in a long time. Earlier this year they gave one of the standout performances at Sonar 2005, and provided a perfect foil to Prefuse 73 as support during his US and European tours. Last weekend they opened the ATP festival and stunned its audience with an awesome display of intricate layers and driving rhythms. Late that night, they somehow managed to surpass even this with an indescribable second set that thrived on the added energy of the small hours.

Next February, Warp will release EP C/B EP, an introductory collection of the aforementioned EPs, followed by a full album of new material later in the year.