Warp Sign Tyondai Braxton as Solo Artist

Tyondai Braxton 

Warp Sign Tyondai Braxton as Solo Artist

We are delighted to announce the signing of Tyondai Braxton as a solo artist on Warp. Plus special live shows in New York in March.

Over the past few years, Tyondai has forged an unrivalled reputation in the US experimental scene with his totally unique live performances. Sitting cross-legged and surrounded by an array of guitar pedals and noise devices, he builds one-man orchestras of beguilingly textured sounds and abstract effects to astounding results.

As Tyondai himself describes his live shows:

“’Orchestrated loops’ created with voice, guitar, found objects and guitar pedals in real time. The set up is an attempt to create the illusion of movement and density of an ensemble or orchestra as just one person while employing techniques created by DJ's of deconstructing composed music to create new piece. Only all the source material is created live and no samples are used.”

The majority of readers may recognise him as the guitar-weilding, beat-box manipulating member of Battles; he also collaborated with Prefuse 73 on Surrounded By Silence. As a solo artist, Tyondai released an acclaimed album on JMZ Records ‘History Has No Effect’ and recorded a split EP with Brooklyn-based Parts and Labor called ‘Rise, Rise, Rise’. We are really looking forward to hearing new material from him soon.





Tyondai will be performing special live shows in New York on 10th and 11th March.

Tyondai: “The Lower Manhattan Cultural Centre has commissioned me to do a special multimedia solo show in Manhattan in March, where I will introduce a new permanent element in the solo set, "Light Hill" that was designed by Danish architect Uffe Surland Van Tams. Along with Uffe's creation I have enlisted Harry Rosenblum and Chris Jordan's lighting design to transform the room into an environment for myself and the Light Hill to haunt. The presentation is based off of symptoms of depersonalization and derealization as it pertains to amnesia and memory loss.”

You can see an early version of Uffe’s structure in the photo at the head of this news piece.

10th & 11th March 2006
*Memory Remember Me* by Tyondai Braxton

Lighting Design: Harry Rosenblum w/ Chris Jordan "Light Hill" designed by Uffe Surland Van Tams
Made Possible by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council & The September 11th Fund

MANHATTAN, NY - 15 Nassau St. (at Pine)
Ticket's RSVP only!! - rsvp@lmcc.net