Warp to Release Gang Gang Dance's 'Saint Dymphna'

Gang Gang Dance 

Warp to Release Gang Gang Dance's 'Saint Dymphna'

Gang Gang Dance - 'Saint Dymphna' Released 20th October 2008 on Warp (UK, Europe and Australia).

New York City’s avant-rock lineage is long and storied. From Suicide to Liquid Liquid, Sonic Youth and Animal Collective, the city has incubated generations of unflinching musical eccentrics. In 2008’s Big Apple, no one is flying their chimerical flag higher than Gang Gang Dance.

Channeling multiple eras of electronic music and currents of international mysticism and weaving them into their evolving tapestry of transcendent percussion and ethereal pop inclinations, they’ve created Saint Dymphna.

Brought to the UK, Europe & Australia by Warp, the album holds a wildly inclusive musical vision that collects everything from slippery, polyrhythmic sing-a-longs ('House Jam') to discombobulated prog-rock and Gamelan-esque Grime ('Princes' featuring Tinchy Stryder). The first full-length to follow their 2006 opus God’s Money, this new album looks to be their hotly-anticipated leap out of the underground.

Saint Dympha is released by The Social Registry in N. America.