Watch Online Boiler Room Stream Tonight (Tuesday) plus show at Deviation Club on Wednesday

Africa Hitech 

Watch Online Boiler Room Stream Tonight (Tuesday) plus show at Deviation Club on Wednesday

Africa Hitech are coming towards the end of their touring period in Europe and to see it off they have an online broadcast LIVE TONIGHT on the Boiler Room followed by a show at Benji B's Deviation Club at Gramaphone in London on Wednesday.

Deviation's Blurb about Wednesday's show

"We have been waiting for this one for some time: a 2 hour set comprising Harmonic 313 on the decks, and Spacek on Vocals and keyboards and effex. No doubt they will be performing cuts from their EP on Warp, as well as dropping future music that will make the basement shake.

Both incredible artists in their own right, Mark Pritchard is one of the most effortlessly talented DJs and after playing for us last year we've been wanting him back at the club ever since. Producing music under his own name, Harmonic 313, Troubleman and Harmonic 33 to name a few, if you've been to the club over the past year you'll be familiar with the tracks 'Lion', 'Blen' 'Battlestar' and 'One Two' to name a few. Providing the vocals is Steve Spacek, lead vocalist of the unforgettable group Spacek alongside Morgan Zarate and Ed, he's also behind the Deviation classic 'The Sun' not to mention his vocals on J Dilla's 'Dollar' from his debut solo album 'Spaceshift'. Steve is Deviation family through and through, but since he moved from Brockley to Sydney, we've never managed to have him bless the mic at the club in London, so this will be a special moment.

Resident DJ Benji B will be holding it down for the rest of the session alongside host MC Judah as usual.

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