Watch a new video for 'Wallet' from the album 'Reachy Prints' out now


Watch a new video for 'Wallet' from the album 'Reachy Prints' out now

Plaid release their 10th album 'Reachy Prints' today and to celebrate they have shared a new video for the track 'Wallet' directed by Sabrina Ratté.

'Reachy Prints' is available on CD, vinyl and digitally from,

iTunes / Bleep / Amazon (Vinyl) / Google Play

Watch the video for 'Wallet' directed by Sabrina Ratté via the Plaid YouTube channel or Vimeo.

“The video is inspired by the idea of creating a world based on memories, where things seem real but they are in fact a construction of the mind. All the images are made from electronic signals, from which were created a reproduction of a sun, different landscapes and cities. The musical composition induced the vision of bright colours and daylight atmosphere, so the simulated sunlight became a central element of the video, thus creating dazed images where everything is diffused and hard to grasp.” - Sabrina Ratté

“We wondered if consciousness is a memory and what role memories have in the imaginative process . We saw prints as physical memories and an equivalence between printing and memory function. They often share the aim of 'reproducing' a subject as accurately as possible. Experience told us that a perfect reproduction is difficult, if not impossible. An attraction to explore this fallibility and a curiosity about the potential inaccuracies and artefacts gave us the album title, 'Reachy Prints'.

The track ‘Wallet’ is inspired by the items found in wallets, the money, receipts, business cards, photos etc and the symbolism of wallets as a safe place to store items we value and want to remember. Most items in a wallet have already been digitised and perhaps physical wallets/purses will become obsolete.” - Plaid

Plaid On Tour

The band's European tour starts this week with shows in Manchester and the Village Underground in London, see the full list of dates below.

For a chance to win tickets to the show at Village Underground and more information about the show, with performances from Daedelus, Slugabed, My Panda Shall Fly and Flint Kids, click here.

22 The Soup Kitchen - Manchester, GB (Tickets)
23 Village Underground - London, GB (Tickets)
25 Chill Out Festival - Istanbul, TR (Tickets)
29 Conne Island - Leipzig, DE (Tickets)
30 Gretchen - Berlin, DE

01 Tolhuis - Amsterdam, NL (Tickets)
02 AB Club - Brussels, BE (Tickets)
08 Exil - Zurich, CH (Tickets)
13 Gaité lyrique - Paris, FR (Tickets)

23 Ten Days Off - Gent, BE (Tickets)

01 - 03 Dekmantel Festival - Amsterdam, NL (Tickets)