Warp.net 4.0

Warp.net 4.0


Welcome to the all-new Warp.net [4.0]!
We've spent over a year designing, developing, redesigning and redeveloping to bring you a new way to experience our and our artists' work on Warp.net. Since we last updated our site in 2009 the web has evolved dramatically and we've built the new Warp.net from the ground up in order to keep up and ahead. 

We've updated the interface to give the best experience across devices with special attention to the mobile site. Our artists and their work is our primary focus with their artist pages, releases, and news taking a central role in the redesign. As well as expandable, high-resolution, image galleries throughout, take note of the bottom of the news, artist and release pages that now offer an easy way to explore.

Browse the entire Warp catalogue of release and stream full-length tracks with our all new universal media player at the bottom right. Add and remove songs to craft your own playlist of tracks, leave on in the background as you explore the rest of the site, and return to the playlist at another time as the playlist is now automatically saved in your browser. Like what you’ve put together? Share the unique url loaded up with the tracks you’ve selected. 

We’re using Rdio, SoundCloud, and YouTube to power the media player and playlists at launch and will be adding new services in the near future. Check out our Warp Selections playlist below and give it a play. 

We’ve updated how to quickly and easily get Warp Artists' vinyl and downloads with an all new direct integration with our sister store, Bleep.com. We’ve added options for Vinyl, CD, Digital, and Lossless Digital to make it simple to get exactly the formats you want.

  1. Find a release
  2. Add the format you’re interested in to your basket
  3. Check out with Bleep

As with any new site we expect there to be bugs, quirks, and features you'd like to see. We have a plan in place for continued improvement and new features, share with us your thoughts via any of the ways below.

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We'd like to thank all of our contributors:

Creative Direction & Design:
HelloMe, Till Wiedeck

Interactive Design & Development: