YosepH Released

Luke Vibert 

YosepH Released

We are pleased to announce that Luke Vibert will release his first ever album for Warp this October. After some ten years of releasing music for everyone else on the planet (Rephlex, Ninjatune, Virgin, Astralwerks, Nothing, Planet Mu, Mo’ Wax, Rising High and many others), Luke Vibert finally comes round to giving one up for what many would consider to be his spiritual home. And we reckon its his best yet.

Throughout his career, Luke has matched his natural and incredibly prolific creative bounce with an ear for accessibility, and never more successfully than on YosepH (note the ‘pH’ – which here refers to a table of bases, acids and very excited neurons).

The logical conclusion to years of self-inflicted abuse within the genre of ‘acid-techno’, YosepH is what you might call an acid renaissance album, deceptively simple yet sonically timeless. A record that can cut it on the dancefloor (try to resist the lure of ‘I Love Acid’, ‘Acidisco’ or ‘Synthax’), YosepH is a seriously addictive batch of fresh acid, wrought with much love from a collection of vintage analogue synths and polished with the meticulous Vibert production glow and pHat bottom end. It’s the definitive, killer record Luke Vibert has always threatened to make.


A Cornwall contemporary and longtime associate of Richard D James, Luke Vibert has released music under various pseudonyms including the off-kilter funk of Wagon Christ, the seminal drum ‘n’ bass of Plug and a much celebrated collaboration with steel guitarist BJ Cole as well as remixing a host of his peers including Nine Inch Nails, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, The Artful Dodger, Tortoise, Cylob, Lamb and Stereolab. Kid 606 even did a track called ‘Luke Vibert Can Kiss My Indie Punk Whiteboy Ass’ on his album Down With The Scene in which he fiendishly stole a sample from the Plug track ‘Military Jazz’. (Always a gentleman, Luke played a gig with the Kid in Los Angeles in 2001). Luke has also compiled two respected albums of library music (Nuggets, Further Nuggets) for Lo Recordings and clocked up not one, but two Peel Session recordings. He is currently releasing a series of Plug-style jungle 12”s on Rephlex under the name Amen Andrews, has a Moog collaboration with Jean Jacques Perrey on the way, an upcoming Metro Area-esque disco album as “Kerrier District” as well as several other projects. No rest for the wicked, then.