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Warp Records Bibio Watch Bibio perform three tracks from the new album 'Silver Wilkinson' live


Bibio / Bibio

Watch Bibio perform three tracks from the new album 'Silver Wilkinson' live


Three rare Bibio live sessions are available to watch together on YouTube.

Bibio has recorded three live sessions for album tracks ‘You Won’t Remember...’, ‘Sycamore Silhouetting’ and ‘Raincoat’ - from the recent album 'Silver Wilkinson'. Far from straightforward live footage, these beautifully shot films weave between English scenery and the songs that scenery informs, and are a rare treat considering the scarcity of a Bibio show (he has never performed live with a band).

Download the audio from the 'You Won't Remember...' session free here.

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From Bibio:

“These sessions were recorded in one day as a live trio in my friend's shed in rural Somerset, south west England. The only parts that were recorded separately were the sax parts on Sycamore Silhouetting and Raincoat. I met my friend Ben (the guy in the striped shirt) at university in 1999. I've been visiting him in Somerset ever since. In the early days the shed was literally just a tool shed belonging to his dad (who works in the building trade) it was full of buckets of nuts and bolts, paints, tools, ladders and lots of cobwebs and spiders. In these early days it was cold and pretty crammed in there, lit by a single fluorescent strip light and just a ghetto blaster for entertainment. 

Whenever I visit, we spend most of the time listening to music, drinking cider and staying up till the early hours of the morning, occasionally jamming and recording things. Over the years the shed got more well equipped, Ben added a fridge, an electric heater and a hifi. The shed also got stuffed with more music gear over the years, lots of latin percussion and other exotic objects. 

The shed is surrounded by fields and woodland in the glorious Quantock Hills, tucked away down a lane from an old rural village with 16th century cottages nearby. I have many fond memories of travelling from London or Wolverhampton to Somerset, usually returning with new musical discoveries. Many parties and bonfires have been had outside the shed under the barn, in all weathers, including snow. 

In 2010 the shed got doubled in size and re-insulated, now it is far from the cold dusty toolshed that it once was, now it is more like a chalet. It is better equipped with guitars, amps, synths and a mixer among other things. I thought that the shed would be a great location to get together with my friends and record some live performances of a few songs from my new album 'Silver WIlkinson'. This is the first time I have ever attempted anything like this”


Stephen Wilkinson - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Alto Saxophone.
Ben Modley - Electric Jazz Guitar and Electric Baritone Guitar
Tom Dwyer - Electric Baritone Guitar and Electric Bass Guitar
Camerawork - Richard Roberts
Sound - Stephen Wilkinson
Additional Cutaway Shots - Stephen Wilkinson
Directed and Edited by Stephen Wilkinson.

Order 'Silver Wilkinson' from Bleep | iTunes | Amazon Vinyl | Amazon CD

"Gorgeous" - Q **** 

"Silver Wilkinson is a career high point... (it) will stand as one of this year's best" - FADER 

"...an impeccable creative beauty" - Clash 

"À tout à l'heure" captures the kind of moments that you want to relive again and again." - Stereogum 

"Gorgeous combinations of acoustic instrumentation and electronic modulation" - SPIN


7th June 13

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Watch the 'Dye The Water Green' Live Session


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The Warp.net media player is currently optimised for the latest version of Flash.

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