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  2. High quality music downloads, vinyl, CDs and merchandise.

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Warp Records Warp 2010 - a compilation of new Warp music - some free MP3 downloads added.

2010 - a compilation of new Warp music - some free MP3 downloads added.


2010 is a compilation of new music from our artists - A primer on some of next year's forthcoming Warp releases.

Included is new music from already established acts like Flying Lotus, Bibio and Hudson Mohawke as well as the first rumblings from new signings Gonjasufi, The Hundred In The Hands, Nice Nice, De Tropix, Rustie and more.

Comprised almost entirely of previously unreleased material, '2010' will be available at many independent record stores and online retailers from the 7th December.

Free MP3 Downloads:

Gonjasufi - Ancestors (produced by Flying Lotus)

Nice Nice - See Waves

The Hundred In The Hands - Dressed In Dresden

(please repost if you like but just link back to us)

There are plenty of ways to get hold of '2010' 

  • Included with orders over £30 on Bleep.com placed from 7th December - or available to buy separately for £3
    Your order must include at least one physical music or merchandise purchase 
  • Available to buy at leading UK independent record stores and online retailers from December 7th (RRP £3)
  • Internationally available for purchase at select independent retailers across other territories - more details to be added.
  • Digitally available for a reduced price in 2010
  • It was included in the ticket price for Warp20 (London)

A rundown of the tracks and artists involved follows below the player.


01 - Bibio - Jealous Of Roses (Pivot Remix)
2009 saw Bibio’s debut hailed as a masterful meshing of ethereal folk and electronic rhythms destined for classic status. Here labelmates Pivot lend their space-rock bombast to one of the album’s many standouts.

02 - The Hundred In The Hands - Dressed In Dresden
Brooklyn alchemists The Hundred In The Hands stand to define the borough’s ever-mutating sound in 2010 with fiery post-punk anthems, slow-burning synthesizer ballads and a brilliantly realized vision of avant-garde pop music.

03 - Nice Nice - See Waves
Recalling the heyday of kosmiche krautrock explorers while looking towards a new realm of psychedelic music, this Portland, Oregon two-piece energetically summon a staggering sea of melodic noise.

04 - Flying Lotus - Quakes
Already regarded as one of the most talented and innovative producers of his young generation, 2009 saw Flying Lotus conclude the saga of his Los Angeles album and accompanying EPs. From the sessions for his as-yet-untitled new album (due in 2010) comes this low-slung masterpiece.

05 - Pivot - The Quick Mile
One of the riskiest ways to sidestep a sophomore slump is an all-out sonic overhaul, but in 2010 Pivot look to succeed brilliantly by adapting their dynamic instrumental movements into brooding, melancholy pop songs…without losing the anthemic crunch they’re know for.

06 - Africa HiTech - Blen
Mark Pritchard’s latest guise may also be his absolute heaviest. Africa HiTech’s futuristic take on Jamaican dancehall fuses global bass music with the dynamic vocals of Steve Spacek for an incredibly heavy musical and lyrical combination.

07 - Rustie - Inside Pikachu's Cunt
Straight out of the Glasgow gloom shines the neon flash of young, irreverent Rustie – equally enamored with low-slung crunk and cascading bleep symphonies, his forthcoming debut signals a loud new voice in dance music. He’s no slouch at naming his tracks either.

08 - De Tropix - Adeyhey
Debuting in 2010, De Tropix will be a name already familiar to those paying attention to London clubland. Bashment pop that is as undeniably catchy as it is speaker-rumbling, taking in everything from dubstep to soca and dancehall to grime, and with no shortage of rudegirl attitude from frontwoman Cherry B there's little to stop the De Tropix invasion.

09 - Hudson Mohawke - FUSE
2009’s Butter album was HudMo’s coming out party as a twisted R&B genius, and 2010 will hear his name ring out from both sides of the mainstream.

10 - Gonjasufi - Ancestors
There’s something emerging from the desolation of the California desert. It’s Gonjasufi, a street mystic with a shadowy identity and deep hymns to match.


23rd December 09

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2010 - A sampler from Warp Records, available at Bleep


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