Prefuse 73 


Released 25/08/2003


Digital Tracklisting

  1. Suite For The Ways Things Change
  2. Tel Aviv's Gravel Toothbrush
  3. Pase Rock's Preestyle
  4. I Got No Time For Rearviews
  5. Dubs That Don't Match
  6. Between Man And Woman
  7. Martinique Was My Girl
  8. Culturaluhorgasm
  9. Whisper In My Ear To Tell Me You Hate Me
  10. One For The Crime Scene, A Bullet For Your Time
  11. Vikings Invade The Mediterranean But Don't Leave
  12. Diarrhea Takes Over Your Life
  13. I Can't Get My Eyes Off
  14. For Some But Not For Me
  15. Sao Paulo Arkansas
  16. Coming Into Something Better
  17. Humor Judgements
  18. Wronge Posture
  19. 3 Sounds From 94
  20. Robot Snares Got No Cadence Or Balance
  21. Kev Intro 99
  22. Drum machine, Cello, Headwrap
  23. If They Died And They Were Yours