Nightmares on Wax 

Shape The Future

Released 26/01/2018

Vinyl, CD, Digital


Digital Tracklisting

  1. Back To Nature (feat. Kuauhtli Vasquez & Wixarika Tribe)
  2. Tell My Vision (feat. Andrew Ashong)
  3. Shape The Future
  4. On It Maestro
  5. Tomorrow (feat. LSK)
  6. Typical (feat. Jordan Rakei)
  7. Tenor Fly
  8. Citizen Kane (feat. Mozez)
  9. Deep Shadows (feat. Sadie Walker)
  10. Gotta Smile
  11. The Other Ship
  12. Citizen Kane (feat. Mozez and Allan Kingdom) (Rap Version) (Bonus Track)

Nightmares on Wax • ‘Back To Nature’ ft. Kuauhtli Vasquez, Wixarika Tribe