Prefuse 73 

One Word Extinguisher

Released 05/05/2003


Digital Tracklisting

  1. The Wrong Side of Reflection intro
  2. The End of Biters-International
  3. Plastic featuring: Diverse
  4. Uprock and Invigorate (a Prefuse/Dabrye Production)
  5. The Color of Tempo
  6. Dave's Bonus Beats
  7. Detchibe
  8. Altoid Addiction interlude
  9. Busy Signal (Make You Go Bombing Mix) a Prefuse/Daedelus production
  10. One Word Extinguisher
  11. 90% of My Mind is With You
  12. Huevos With Jeff and Rani (featuring Mr.Lif on a minidisc)
  13. Female Demands
  14. Why I Love You (with Jenny Vasquez)
  15. Southerners interlude
  16. Perverted Undertone
  17. Invigorate (a Prefuse/Dabrye interlude)
  18. Choking You
  19. Storm Returns (a Prefuse/Tommy Guerrero production)
  20. Trains on Top of the Game interlude
  21. Styles that Fade Away with a Collonade Reprise
  22. Esta
  23. Pentagram