‘Reflection’ nominated for the 60th Grammy Awards

Brian Eno 

‘Reflection’ nominated for the 60th Grammy Awards


Brian Eno’s latest album Reflection has been nominated for a Grammy at the 60th Edition of the annual Grammy Awards.

‘Reflection’ is Eno's second Grammy nomination as a solo recording artist, following 2012’s ‘LUX’. Aside from ‘LUX' he has previously been nominated for his 2008 collaboration with David Byrne, ‘Everything That Happens Will Happen Today’ and numerous producer’s awards.

Originally released on 1 January 2017, ‘Reflection’ builds musically on themes explored on his classic ambient output of the past, such as ‘Discreet Music’ ‘Music For Airports’, ‘Apollo’ and ‘LUX’. A generative version of Reflection simultaneously released on Apple's App Store explores the boundless detail of the composition transforming the work into the world's first infinite album. Since it's original release, the streaming and iOS versions of the album have been updated in new, seasonal musical iterations for Spring (1 April), Summer (1 July) and most recently Autumn (1 October).  

Versions of the piece have been exhibited in Terminal 1 of Barcelona’s El Prat airport, as part of an exhibition in the city dedicated to Eno’s work, Lightforms / Soundforms. It was also used as the opening and closing music for the meditation sessions at David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption.

  1. Brian Eno - Reflection

Brian Eno • ‘Reflection (Excerpt)’ [Official Visual]


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