+ /- Human collaboration with Wayne McGregor at London Roundhouse

Warp Records 

+ /- Human collaboration with Wayne McGregor at London Roundhouse


Warp, in conjunction with Roundhouse and Wayne McGregor can now announce a new installation +/- Human, featuring original works from GAIKA, Lorenzo Senni, Mark Pritchard and Clark to take place this summer at London’s Roundhouse.

A unique experience created in response to the magnificent space of the Roundhouse, +/- Human brings together new choreography by multi award-winning choreographer and director Wayne McGregor with an innovative art installation by contemporary art collective Random International.

Created specifically for +/- Human, Random International’s Zoological is a mysterious flock of flying spheres that surrounds visitors, moving to an original long-form bespoke composition by Mark Pritchard,

Mark says:

“Wayne mentioned as an inspiration for the piece The Book of Imaginary Beings by Caspar Henderson. Taking a starting point from a book, poetry, interviews or comedy I find is a great way to get myself into a good frame of mind to start to make music-even if the finished piece isn’t totally direct or literal.

Along with the book inspiration I’ve really enjoyed watching various pieces of Wayne's work online and trust that he will make a fascinating piece from my music. So far working on this project has been very enjoyable and I wish to thank Wayne for including me - I’m looking forward to seeing how it all comes together”

Fellow Warp artists Clark, Lorenzo Senni and GAIKA have also scored original pieces specifically for new dance performances choreographed by McGregor and performed by Company Wayne McGregor and dancers from The Royal Ballet, on Friday and Saturday nights. On these nights, the spheres’ behaviour will converge with human movement and the original music, to create an immersive choreographic experience.

+/- Human - Wayne McGregor and Random International